Referred to as the Land of Smiles, Thailand has a unique history that shaped the country’s culture, creating an aura of fantasy and mystery that attracts travelers from around the world.

Thai culture is unique to the world, and there are many actions that can be done to show respect to others. An action called the “Wai” illustrates a warm welcome to others as well as respect and kindness. To “Wai” to someone in Thailand presents the positive attitude you have towards Thai culture. There also is the Thai Smile. This smile is not just a lighthearted action, it is more. This smile encases the love and positivity we have towards the world and towards others.

Culture expands beyond the family and into artwork in the form of paintings, sculptures, and dances that beautifully capture Thailand’s history. For instance, a Khon is a Thai traditional dance which combines many arts and is performed throughout the country for locals and travelers.  UNESCO named Khon as one of the most unique performances in the world, which originated in Thailand.

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