For many, Thailand may appear as a faraway destination. However, it is much easier and more accessible to travel to than most would think. There are several international and connecting flights that travelers can select from when planning their trip to Thailand.

While most travelers fly into Thailand’s central hub, Bangkok, you don’t necessarily have to fly there to explore the rest of Thailand. The country has several international flights from the U.S. that will get you to Phuket, Chiiang Mai, Krabi, and several other provinces. A flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is one-hour, allowing travelers to experience the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and then explore the lively and vibrant Chiang Mai province in the evening. Travelers who prefer the scenic route can take a train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in approximately 11 hours. There are several ways to travel throughout Thailand, whether it’s by air or land.

In fact, most transportation means are linked together in Thailand, offering travelers and locals an almost seamless way to move around in the country.  For instance, travelers can choose one of these transportation systems to explore the country: subway, sky train, airport link, train, and ferries.

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