About Thailand

In Thailand, we try to think of positive thoughts to put out in the universe in order to help us remain optimistic. When the time is right, Thailand will be here waiting to greet you and help you treat your mind, body, and spirit… From the warm, crystal blue beach waters to world-class hospitality and service, there are several places to visit in Thailand, and experiences that will leave you breathless. Beyond the great things that make Thailand amazing, most visitors barely explore the wonders of this country passed the surface.

Thailand has a long history and culture that make us a unique country with people full of smiles. You may wonder why Thai people can smile even in times of crisis, but you need to visit and immerse yourself with Thai people, learning their way of life. You may come back to your home with smiles on your face.

There is this indescribable feeling you get when you’re in Thailand. No words or photos will justify this feeling, as you will need to experience it for yourself.

Often referred to as the “Land of Smiles,” Thailand has become one of the leading travel destinations to keep a warm smile through it all. A land surrounded by such beauty and inner happiness would put a smile on anyone’s face, from culture and wellness to romance beyond new levels and delicious Thai cuisine. Thailand offers something for everyone, including the traveler with luxury in mind.

Another feeling travelers will walk away with after visiting Thailand is believing in the concept of “mai pen rai,” which translates to “no worries.” It is not meant negatively, but, rather, as a reminder of what truly matters, as in “never mind; this too shall pass”.

It is this Thai life philosophy that values harmony, avoids confrontation, and recognizes that all of life is transitory. Thais see these attributes as productive as it helps them see the positivity in life. It’s this type of uplifting spirit that the Thais have that cannot be replicated.

That is one of the primary reasons why the Tourism Authority of Thailand has partnered with Goway Travel to create Thai Lux Travel, a digital hub that provides luxury amenities, activities, travel packages, and offerings at your fingertips.

The term ‘luxury’ is quickly changing from its past connotation of designer leather bags and extravagant gifts. Luxury, in today’s world, is seen as being able to stand apart and be different. Luxury is now about the experiential affluence of the trip, rather than the price tag. This philosophy is going to be the core message that the initiative aims to deliver.

For the people of Thailand, luxury is all about the exclusive and unique moments you’ll create. Now, travelers have a trusted and credible resource to guide them in planning travel to this beautiful destination. Treat yourself by exploring the world again when you’re ready.

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