7 Must-Try Cultural Experiences in Thailand

Thailand's temples and religious sights are a top cultural experience
Thailand’s temples and religious sights are a top cultural experience

A visit to Thailand is an adventure  to experience the country’s rich cultural heritage. From historic temples to street markets and yoga retreats, Thailand has something for everyone. If you are looking for a vacation far from the ordinary, a trip to Thailand is the perfect getaway.

There is no shortage of experiences to try in the Land of Smiles. Here are just a few of the many cultural experiences you can choose during your Thailand vacation.


Famous outdoor floating market in Thailand
Famous outdoor floating market in Thailand

Whether you like shopping or are just curious about Thailand’s famous outdoor markets, a visit to Varoros Market in Chiang Mai has to be one of your stops. This gigantic Market has nearly anything you can dream of, and it’s full of warm, friendly vendors who will welcome you with a smile. You don’t have to look too far to find a way to visit this Market. Many travel packages offer trips to Varoros Market as part of your overall cultural experience in Thailand. 

Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok, also offers ample shopping opportunities. A Bangkok excursion may include everything from shopping and dining to visits to can’t-miss cultural sites. 

For instance, another market you’ll want to visit is the famed Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, where you’ll visit vendors on boats selling fresh local fruits and vegetables. This type of experience gives you a scenic view of Thailand life from the waters while giving you opportunities to shop from friendly vendors floating on by in their boats.


Thailand is renowned for its historical temples like the famous Wat Arun Temple, the breathtaking Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew) and the stunning Reclining Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Chetuphon) in Bangkok.  Popular travel packages often allow travelers to visit many temples throughout the country, including lesser-known temples you may have never heard of before.

A trip to Thailand simply wouldn’t be complete without visiting one of these beautiful landmarks. A visit to a temple truly encapsulates the Thai culture from its deeply spiritual roots to its stunning architecture and vibrant colors. While you visit Thailand’s temples and religious sights, please be respectful regarding your attire. Most temples will have suggested style guides for travelers. Consult with your tour provider or hotel on suitable attire for visiting temples and other respected sites.


Tourists can experience yoga and wellness retreats in beautiful Thailand

Yoga has become a worldwide phenomenon and is practiced by millions of people each day. No other exercise can help you get stronger while connecting to your spiritual self. This centering exercise is performed in Thailand against beautiful natural backdrops, including crystal blue waters and secluded mountain terrain. Thailand wellness retreats offer visits to spas, yoga retreats, and even healthy dining options that will help you connect with your spirituality while improving your fitness.

Muay Thai

Visitors can learn Thailand’s traditional martial art, Muay Thai
Visitors can learn Thailand’s traditional martial art, Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a martial arts practice that originated in Thailand. Muay Thai is practiced across the globe and is an excellent form of exercise. A trip to Thailand to experience Muay Thai from its source with master martial artists can help improve your form and function.

A trip to Phuket will give visitors several options to try, whether you’re an experienced fighter or interested in learning. Phuket is home to several m UFC fighters who train at Tiger Muay Thai, and there are several local gyms that the locals love and support and have produced world-respected fighters.

Hiking and Biking

A mountain hike in Thailand can have health benefits
A mountain hike in Thailand can have health benefits

There are many places to tour Thailand via bicycle and hike from lush wooded areas to bustling city streets. Bicycling and hiking not only have significant health benefits, but they’re also fun!  A hiking and biking excursion in Thailand will take you through famed forests and mountainsides, to many temples and remote villages. The activities help build muscle and burn calories, so you can indulge in delicious Thai cuisine while you’re here!

Foodie Fun

Bangkok street food vendors allow tourists to experience local cuisine
Bangkok street food vendors allow tourists to experience local cuisine

For the Epicurious, Thailand offers many opportunities to try local cuisine. From dining in open street markets to Michelin star restaurants, there is no shortage of Thai food to try for the world’s foodies.  A trip to Bangkok can offer street food tours and Thai food cooking lessons at the famous Blue Elephant Cooking School. You may recognize the Blue Elephant name from their Thai food products sold worldwide, and their cooking school offers fun lessons and skills you can use for a lifetime!

Even the resorts and hotels in Thailand offer high-quality local fare that you won’t want to miss. Even more exciting is that Thai food varies from region to region, so you’ll never get bored of experimenting with local cuisine, no matter where you travel.

Indulge your taste buds with a trip to Thailand and experience our world-famous cuisine. No guilt allowed!

Beaches, Spas, & Massage

Thai massage at a beach wellness spa
Thai massage at a beach wellness spa

What vacation to Thailand would be complete without visiting one of our breathtaking beaches. Experience pure, powdery sand and turquoise waters while you relax, swim, kayak, or practice yoga on the beach. Thailand Beach retreats offer visits to places like Kata Noi Beach, a pristine beach in Phuket. That’s not all. Several beach resorts are home to world-class spas and surrounded by natural wonders, local animals, and fascinating vegetation. 

While there are several types of massages offered, visitors should try a traditional Thai massage. The Thai massage uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body. This is an ancient healing practice with many health benefits, from lowering stress to relieving muscular tension. It can even increase energy.

These activities would offer any visitor the perfect time to disconnect from the digital world and recharge their senses.

Your Cultural Adventure Begins Here

Whether you’re looking to simply relax or to learn more about the beautiful Thai culture, a trip to Thailand truly has something for everyone. Experience the romance and heritage of the richly historic “land of smiles,” and take a vacation far from the ordinary.